What do you get when you place thirty-five cruised-out, exhausted performers on an outdoor stage? Find out this Saturday, as we present our post cruise finale from the Chateau Ste. Michelle. The show was pre-recorded on July 21, and will be edited this week for length, but we'd like to offer our thanks to all the great talents from the APHC cruise who scrambled off the ship to do one last show:

Jearlyn Steele, Billy Steele, Robin & Linda Williams, Carol Elizabeth Jones, Charlie Barnett, Butch Thompson, The Kosher Red Hots, Redd Volkaert, Cindy Cashdollar, Chris Gilson, Nathan Roe, Jody Stecher, Kate Brislin, Bill Hinckley, Judy Larson, Louis Jenkins, Gordon Wright, Dan Newton, Rich Dworksy, Pat Donohue, Andy Stein, Arnie Kinsella, Gary Raynor, Leslie Gregory, Mary Tiebout, Johanna Evans, Tim Russell, Sue Scott, Fred Newman, Erica Rhodes, and of course, our fearless leader, the old scout, Garrison Keillor.