Segment 1
00:00:00 APM Logo
00:00:14 Tishomingo Blues
00:00:59 GK Studio Intro (VO)
00:02:27 GK welcomes audience to Anoka, talks Anoka County history, school experience
00:08:57 Anoka Medley: Carry Me Back, Boondocks, Tomorrow-GK, Emma Beck, 7th Avenue Singers, Richard Dworsky and band
00:13:24 GK talks to retired teacher Lyle Bradley
00:19:08 Freeze-Frame-Anoka Pep Band
00:20:58 Guy Noir script
00:31:56 Powdermilk Biscuit Break

Segment 2
00:33:22 GK talks about Anoka High School
00:34:28 GK talks with retired teacher/football coach Stan Nelson
00:40:01 Eye of the Tiger-Anoka Pep Band with Bernie Dresel
00:41:59 GK introduces Ellie Dehn
00:43:44 "Mozart: Dove Sono" - Ellie Dehn, with Mary Jo Gothman (piano)
00:50:41 GK talks about the music program at Anoka, introduces Kate Beahen
00:52:34 On My Own-Kate Beahen with Richard Dworsky and band
00:57:53 That Lonesome Road- 7th Avenue Singers
01:01:18 Intermission- "Oh Boy" -Richard Dworsky and band

Segment 3
01:06:00 Greetings
01:07:48 GK talks about Caroline Hontz
01:09:44 Coffee Script
01:10:35 Anything You Can Do-Kate Beahen, Garrison Keillor with Richard Dworsky and band
01:12:41 Mike Farley Script
01:15:35 Long Johns Script
01:18:15 GK talks with Jacob Baldus
01:22:57 GK talks with Ellie Dehn about Rusalka
01:24:01 A Song to the Moon-Ellie Dehn and Mary Jo Gothmann

Segment 4
01:29:15 News from Lake Wobegon

Segment 5
01:38:58 My Old Dad-GK with Richard Dworsky and band
01:42:14 GK talks with Pam Leindecker
01:46:28 GK tells kids how good they have it...
01:47:47 Tell Laura I Love Her/Under the Boardwalk-GK, Felicity Schultz, the 7th Avenue Singers, Richard Dworsky and band
01:51:36 SFX Script
01:53:09 Credits
01:54:46 Only Remembered - GK, Ellie Dehn, 7th Avenue Singers with Richard Dworsky and band