Segment 1
00:00:14 APM Logo
00:00:15 Hello Love- GK and band
00:01:44 Fair Sponsors script
00:05:07 Trump script
00:07:29 The Beauty of Days Gone By- GK, Heather Masse, Aoife O'Donovan, band
00:11:01 Rivers- GK and Richard Dworsky
00:15:12 Down By the River (Under the Boardwalk)- GK, Heather, Aoife, band
00:18:16 Guy Noir Script
00:26:01 I Just Want to Make Love To You- Jearlyn Steele and Jevetta Steele
00:29:00 GK talks about Hennepin Avenue
00:29:26 Hennepin Happenin'- Richard Dworsky and band
00:32:27 Powdermilk Biscuit Break

Segment 2
00:35:51 If I Should Fall Behind- GK, Aoife, Heather, band and fiddlers
00:39:37 The Lives of the Cowboys script
00:49:31 Let's Go Crazy- Jearlyn Steele and Jevetta Steele with Richard Dworsky and band
00:53:12 GK introduces the Anoka Marching Tornadoes: Anoka Fight Song
00:57:04 Pompeii- Anoka Marching Tornadoes
00:59:00 GK talks with the band members
01:00:27 Born to Be Wild- Anoka Marching Tornadoes
01:03:01 Anoka Marching Tornadoes Playoff
01:04:39 Intermission- Help

Segment 3
01:07:46 Welcome Back
01:08:02 Bob Dylan Medley- GK, Heather Masse, Aoife O'Donovan and band
01:11:52 Summer Evening- GK, Heather, Aoife, band
01:16:43 The Healing Part- Jearlyn Steele, Jevetta Steele, Richard Dworsky
01:20:43 SFX script
01:30:21 Early- GK, Heather, Aoife, band

Segment 4
01:34:12 The News from Lake Wobegon

Segment 5
01:43:08 Heart of the Heartland- Peter Ostroushko with Richard Dworsky
01:47:08 Where Have All the Elsies Gone- GK and Richard Dworsky
01:50:58 Lutheran Blues- GK and band
01:54:39 Credits
01:56:24 Closer - These Are The Days