GK: It's the weekend and here you are, relaxing at home. You've been to the spa, you've done your mindfulness exercise, you've been to yoga, you've made the dressing for the salad (BLENDER), and now you're opening up a bottle of wine ( SFX) as you turn on the TV (TV AUDIO) and sitting down to watch a documentary about the migration of caribou (SFX).

As you relax, think of your boss who is hard at work on a Saturday. Managing all the moving parts (ASSEMBLY LINE). Keeping a lot of balls in the air (JUGGLING EFFORT). Downsizing (SHRINKAGE). Outsourcing (WHOOSH). Cooking the books. (FLAME). Moving the needle (HUM, RISING IN PITCH). A manager can never relax; a manager has to be a rock star. (ELECTRIC GUITAR) Keep a finger in the wind (WIND) . Keep the team in line. (WHIP) Knock heads together (BONK). Be the adult in the room. (FN: You kids, shuddup.) Set the bar higher (RATCHET). Empower your employees (CAR START, ROAR). Have a Come To Jesus moment. (FN: HALLELUJAH!) And put out fires. (FIRE EXTINGUISHER) Expand bandwidth. (RADIO DIAL). Deliver takeaways (FN: Here. Take it.) If necessary, punt (STRIDE AND KICK FOOTBALL).