GK: .....brought to you by Lutheran Air, the original no- frills airline service.
TR: Hey. This is Don Anderson, CEO of Lutheran Air, and let me tell you, just because I'm CEO doesn't mean that I fly first-class, nosirree bob ---- I'm back there with the rest of you because on Lutheran Air, that's all there is. We're all in the deal together, no special privileges. Everybody gets the same egg-salad sandwich and Jell-O salad and coffee and a peanut butter cookie. And everybody helps with the baggage. And if you want to bring a dog or cat, that's fine. On Lutheran Air, our hostesses introduce you to the people around you, so you never feel alone. And we have separate seating for Episcopalians.
Now here's the deal with the schedule. The plane takes off when everybody is ready to go. Sometimes a passenger forgets something at home and has to go get it ---- we don't leave those folks behind ---- that's not how we were brought up. We wait for them to come and then we don't make eye contact when they come on the plane and when they apologize over and over, we say, "Oh that's okay, it was only an hour and a half." We're like a big family.
HT/GK: Praise God Who made us, don't you know, Lutheran Air is the way to go.
TR: Lutheran Air, where you feel right at home if you were brought up the right way.