GK: Is that my phone or yours?

FN: It's the microwave, isn't it?


GK: That's my phone.

FN: That's the clothes dryer. Or is it a truck backing up? (STING)

GK: So many electronic gizmos sound alike ---- it's getting hard to distinguish your phone (SFX) from the clothes dryer (SAME SFX) from the microwave (SAME SFX) or the coffeemaker (SFX) or your car door being open (SFX) - ---- Remember when phones sounded like this (RRRRING) and teakettles sounded like this (SFX) and the schoolbell (RING) and the doorbell (RING) and the factory whistle (SFX) and the horn on the boat (SFX) didn't sound like the one on the car (SFX) nor like the one on the bike (SFX) -- Now you can get a settings app from Fritz Electronics to avoid confusion. Here's voice mail (ROCKET). And here's the microwave. (BAGPIPE) And here's the alarm clock. (COUGAR) Be creative...

GK: ...Here's your cellphone ring (LADY: OH BABY). And the toaster (BARKS) and your toothbrush (TENOR NOTE) and your paper shredder (JAWS THEME) and your dog's water dish (ELEPHANT) and your clock-radio alarm (FN SULTRY: Oh-oh-oh-oh) and your motion detector (SNAKE) and your wife (Hi. Ha yew?) The settings app from Fritz Electronics.


Everything sits In your lap

With a handy app From Fritz.