GK:...brought to you by Fred Farrell Animal Calls. (MONKEY, JUNGLE BIRDS) When it comes to animal calls, there's just one name, and that's Fred Farrell.

TR: This is Fred Farrell. At Fred Farrell animal calls, we crate custom calls for special needs -- for example, when people in the animal rights movement say, "Fred, why don't you make an Animal Call that'll make it easy for us to go around and talk to animals and inform them of what's going on, and what they can do about it," we do, and we create some custom cow calls like this one (SERIES OF MOOS), which means, "If all of you would lean against that fence, you'll be out of there," and this one (MOO), "When you poop, don't lift your tail, and then when he walks by, whack him with it". Or this one (MOO), which means, "the keys are in the pickup -- don't pump the gas when you start it." Thanks to our Animal Rights calls, thousands of animals actually won their freedom. And then we got calls from angry homeowners saying, "What are we supposed to do about these Holsteins in our tulip beds?" So we had to come up with custom cow calls for them, like this one (MOOING) "There's a truck from MacDonald's and it's going to be here in fifteen minutes" --- And of course we still have our basic cow calls, this one (MOO) "Get in here" and (MOO) "Get out of here."

GK: Order a Fred Farrell Basic Cow Call and get, free, a six-in- one set of Animal Calls, yes, six calls in one handy package, including marmot (SFX), mammoth (SFX), moth (SFX), sloth (SFX), three-toed sloth (SFX), and hrothgar (SFX). Fred Farrell, the name to trust when it comes to animal calls. (MONKEY, JUNGLE BIRDS)