GK: .....brought to you by Mel's Buffet at the Fair, the place to go if you want to avoid salad. At Mel's you get meatloaf (SQUISH) with mashed potatoes (SQUORT) and gravy (SQUORT) with creamed corn (SQUORT) and squash (SQUISH) and tapioca pudding (BLORP). There's less chewing at Mel's and if you want more, just say so.

FN OLD: I'd have some more of that creamed corn. (SQUORT)

SS OLD: Yep. And they've got the Grateful Dead on the jukebox.

FN OLD: Who you say died?

SS OLD: The Dead.

FN OLD: Well, I suppose so. If they died, they would be.

GK: Salads consist of raw green leafy things and though they claim to be washed, that's not the same as cooked. Raw food is liable to contain insects and insect droppings. At Mel's, all food is cooked. Thoroughly. There is no medium rare at Mel's Buffet.