GK: Baseball season opens next week and we're all looking forward to it and here's a little drama to explain, WHY MEN LOVE BASEBALL.


SS: I saw there's a reading tonight by that woman who wrote that book about Tuscany ---- I'd like to go---- you want to go?

TR: What about Tuscany?

SS: It was called "Love, Leisure & Linguini: The Secret of Life in Tuscany" ---- it got good reviews.

TR: Uh huh.

SS: You want to go?

TR: You're going?

SS: That's what I said. I'd like to go.

TR: Okay.

SS: But if you don't want to go, just say ---- I don't want to drag you to something you're going to hate. If you want to stay home, I'll go alone.

TR: No, I'll go.

SS: You don't sound enthusiastic.

TR: It's fine.

SS: We could go with Annette and her husband. The weaver.

TR: Right.

SS: We could go to that little vegetarian place, Leaves of Grass. They make a wonderful beet and ginger soup.

TR: Great.

SS: Well you don't sound excited about it.

TR: It's fine.

SS: Well, just say if you don't want to go.

TR: It's okay.

SS: Good. --- Do you think I should wear my hair up or down?---- Which way do you like it?

TR: It's fine.

SS: Which do you like better?

TR: They're both good.

SS: But which do you prefer?

TR: I guess down.

SS: Oh. .....?Are you sure?

TR: Up is good, too. I like up.

SS: Okay, I'll wear it up, if that's what you want.

TR: Good.

SS: Do you notice anything different about my hair?

TR: Is it lighter?

SS: Darker...

TR: Darker! Right.

SS: I had it dyed auburn.

TR: Oh. That's nice. I like that.

SS: You didn't even notice.

TR: I knew something was different.

SS: What else is different about me?

TR: (TWO BEATS) Is it above your waist or below?

SS: Just look. Notice anything?


GK: Why Men Look Forward to Baseball.....because when your friend says, Let's go to the ballgame and you say yes, he doesn't say-----

FN: Well, you don't sound enthused.

GK: And no guy ever asks another guy?

FN: Do you like my hair this way?

GK: Never. It isn't going to happen.

FN: Notice something different about me?

TR: Yeah, you're acting like a girl. Cut it out.

GK: A message in the public interest.


TR (annc): And he swings and it's a long fly ball----- to deep deep center field----- and Winters is going back to the warning track and ----- oh my gosh---- he dropped it. Winters reached up and took off his cap and ran his fingers through his hair and the ball hit him in the chest. Oh my gosh. Never seen anything like it, Joe. Have you?

FN: Never saw anything like it.

GK: Why Men Look Forward To Baseball