GK: ....after a word from the Tea Industry of Oregon. It's common knowledge that people who've grown up together under one roof are capable of disagreement and mutual irritation.

MEE: You can say that again.

NAT: Man, you're telling the story of our lives.

AL: Why do you look at me when you say that?

NAT: Bickering, backbiting, snide comments about the other person's hair----

AL: Weight problems.

MEE: That is so cruel.

NAT: I can't believe you said that.

AL: I wasn't talking about her.

MEE: My own sister.

NAT: Why are we talking about this?

GK: Because Oregon is the state that's famous for harmony, where people of very different persuasions live in civility and peace, and that includes sisters. The secret: tea. Oregon tea.


The tea.....of harmony.

Spruce tea from the spruce tree, produces unity and civility.

Three sisters sing as one,

Thanks to tea from Oregon.