GK: If you're from the Midwest and you move to the coast and you're not getting ahead, the problem may be self-effacement. Modesty. A tendency to apologize. Midwesterners are brought up to say----

TR (MIDWEST): I am certainly no expert and I may be all wrong about this and forgive me for pointing this out

GK: Which leads other people to doubt our judgment. Now there's an app that can catch you when you show indecision and lack of confidence-----

TR (MIDWEST): I'm as confused by this as anyone else and goodness knows I've been wrong in the past....

GK: It's called Roman Bold and it gives you a sense of authority you never had before....

TR (TRUMP): This organization is run by stupid people and that's why I need to take over, because I am smart, I'm successful, and people like me ----- it's like a love feast wherever I go.

GK: Roman Bold can take a wimpy Midwesterner ----

TR (MIDWEST): I don't mean to tell you what to do.....

GK: And make you into a leader.

TR (TRUMP): I am going to make things great again like they used to be. It's going to happen very fast and it's going to be beautiful.

GK: Roman Bold.....wherever better apps are sold.