GK: .....when you go in to buy a cellphone or a notepad or a PC, you know you're going to confront a teenage sales clerk who will ask questions in a foreign language----

FN (TEEN): You want the click-through GTO with the WiNi upgrade and 533 FSB or the geo-pixel redirect widget?

SS: Oh my. Well, let me see----

GK: And to avoid humiliation, you're going to buy something that costs too much that you'll never figure out. It's different when you walk into Fritz Electronics. You talk to someone your age.

TR (OLDER, MINN): Hi there.

SS: I want to buy a computer.

TR (OLDER, MINN): Good. Buy this one.

SS: This works okay?

TR (OLDER, MINN): Works darned good. Does e-mail and everything.

SS: How does it work?

TR (OLDER, MINN): It's a touch screen. You press a picture of what you want. E-Mail. Surf Web. Write Stuff. Save Stuff. Pictures.

SS: Does it come with other features?

TR (OLDER, MINN): You don't need other features.

SS: You sure?

TR (OLDER, MINN): Yep. You want light blue or beige?

SS: I'll take the light blue.

TR (OLDER, MINN): Okay, we'll get that right out to you.

GK: Fritz Electronics......Kids under 21 only if accompanied by parents. And don't bother looking for our website. Because we don't have one.