GK: It's the day after Christmas, a day known as Boxing Day in England, a day when this normally peaceful people (FN, TR, BOXING, GRUNTS., FOOTWORK, BOP OF THE GLOVES) put on the gloves and go at it in the streets. We think of them as a very civilized people but that's because we're never there on the day after Christmas. They wallop each other something awful. (DING OF RING BELL) . In America, it's a day when we return Christmas gifts and exchange them for something we want more than a meat barometer or Winnie the Pooh slippers. But in England, for reasons buried in ancient history and mythology and who knows what, it's a day when (DING) they go at it (FIGHTING RESUMES), banging each other around, uppercuts, left jabs, big haymakers, right hooks, and that's why English people have such bad teeth and mottled skin. It's from Boxing Day. Break!!! I said, Break. (FIGHT STOPS) That was a low blow, sir.


GK: Speak English. You're English, speak English.


GK: Never mind.