There's a room at NYU

Where Sarah sits alone

On her bed

Writing home

She's a freshman from Kentucky

Brought up Methodist

And back home

She is missed

A teenager and her major --- if it does not change----

Is film studies and her buddies all are rather strange-----

CD: Hi Mom and Dad,

I love NYU and film studies and my dorm and the guys on my floor. Did I tell you I'm on a special floor for students of ambiguous gender? Well, I am. Don't worry about it, I'm just here because my best friend Monica is here and she wanted me to room with her. She is six feet, four inches tall, has nipple rings the size of door knockers, and carries a pistol in her knapsack. I feel so safe when I'm with her. She smokes little black cigars which is why there are no cockroaches in our room. She has taught me so much about Karl Marx and she and I are hoping to spend spring break in Colombia helping the peasants fight the paramilitary. She has taught me that weight control is inherently sexist and that farting is very liberating for women. She really is something.

No, I haven't found a church yet or gone to visit Aunt Karen and Uncle Jack in Connecticut. I've just been too busy. And don't hate me but I think I won't be home for Christmas. I have met this really cool guy named Ben from L.A. who wants to make a documentary about indigenous people in North Dakota. Ben is majoring in Peace & Justice and I may be going with him in his van to camp out at a reservation for a couple weeks. Or we may just go to Key West, I don't know for sure. Would it be possible to get, say, $500 by Tuesday so I can pay my share of gas and food? Thanks so much. I love you guys.

Your daughter, Sarah


Darling Sarah, don't you care a little for your parents

Could you act as if you practice caution and forbearance?

They are worried something awful

Won't you please just say:

You'll be home

Christmas Day.

Call them up or text or e-mail

Tell them you believe

You'll arrive

Christmas Eve.

Tell them that you're looking forward

To seeing them again

And that you

Won't bring Ben.

And that you

Won't bring Ben.