GK: I come from a state called Minnesota which I don't expect you to know where it is, it's way west of the Poconos, west of Vermont, but not in California. It's the state of people who don't toot their own horn, a state of dairy farmers, people with good work habits who are able to earn a living on land not good enough for row crops. Someday they'll figure out how to throw a handful of biologically engineered enzymes into a stainless steel vat of wet silage and make milk direct?ly --- and dairy cows will have to repurpose themselves, perhaps as a game animal for the older and hunter. Which is in the cards for most of us, isn't it. Obsolescence and repurposing.

Mr. Fred Newman our sound effects man is aware of this. His daddy, his granddaddy, were great sound-effects men. His daddy could make the sound of a Model T getting stuck in a bog, using only an eggbeater, a cup of gravel and a quart of 10W-30 motor oil. The Newman family was known for it's very beautiful loon call (SFX) and for its bicycle horns (SFX) and for doing unintelligible voices on public-address systems (SFX). But now most of these audio effects are computerized, like the dairy cow (SFX). The computer only gives you one dairy cow vocalization (SFX) whereas an ace like Fred can do a dozen of them, he can do an angry cow (SFX), an embittered cow (SFX), a sarcastic cow (SFX), a French cow (SFX), and so forth, but I guess these subtleties are going by the boards now, so Fred gets less and less work and he is now mainly doing robotic voices ---- (WAIT FOR THE LIGHT TO TURN GREEN) ----

GK: ...you hear him on the subway (PLEASE STEP ASIDE AND LET THE PASSENGERS OFF THE CAR FIRST, YOU IDIOT) ---- you hear him in your computer (YOU ARE WATCHING SOMETHING YOU SHOULD NOT BE WATCHING), and it's too bad, but that's life. Good luck, Fred. (THANK YOU VERY MUCH)

Meanwhile, the live radio variety show persists and here we are, and thanks for joining us.