FN: Excuse me --

GK: Yes?

FN: Are you using this chair?

GK: I'm expecting a friend.

FN: This friend is not here now, though.

GK: She will be shortly.

FN: Other people who are actually at this coffee shop want to sit down, you know.

GK: What? My friend is coming.

FN: It's rude.

GK: She's just a little late, ok? . (FN HUFFS, WALKS OFF)


SS: (VOICEMAIL GREETING) Hello, you've reached Laura Swanberg, please leave a message and I'll get right back atcha. Have a nice day.


GK: Hey Laura -- it's 2:30. We were meeting at two, so . . . just checking in. Thanks. Oh -- I'm still at the coffee shop. I got a table. Ok, bye.


HM: Hi

GK: Hi

HM: How are you?

GK: I'm good. You?

HM: Great. You're here alone --?

GK: So far.

HM: You're expecting someone?

GK: I was.

HM: And now?

GK: Well, she's half an hour late.

HM: Wow. I'm sorry but that is just incredibly thoughtless. Half an hour. I don't understand how people can be so casual about other people's time. (ESPRESSO EXHALE)

GK: Right.

HM: You know her well?

GK: I thought I did.

HM: But I mean---- she's a friend?

GK: Yeah.

HM: But ---- you know ---- just a friend friend?

GK: Right.

HM: That's so odd because exactly the same thing is happening to me. Right now.

GK: You're being stood up....

HM: He's thirty-five minutes late.

GK: Well, it's New York. Maybe he took a cab and he should've taken the subway.

HM: I don't know. How long does one sit around and wait? ---I really love your tie, by the way.

GK: Thanks.

HM: It's just incredibly ---- peaceful.

GK: Well----- you want to sit down?

HM: Actually I was thinking of going around the corner to a little Italian place I hear is really really good.

GK: Aha. Want company?

HM: Sure. Let's go. (FADING) What's your name? I'm Angela. You live around here? (BRIDGE) (ESPRESSO EXHALE)

SS: Excuse me-----

TR: Yeah----?

SS: You haven't seen a guy sitting alone --- tall, glasses, suit and tie, briefcase?

TR: Yeah, there was one but he left with someone else.

SS: Short hair? Probably reading a book?

TR: He was sitting right here. Saving a chair for someone.

SS: That was me. He left with someone else?

TR: Tall girl, leg warmers, denim skirt, down vest----

SS: Huh. I was on a train that got stopped in the tunnel---

TR: What's that little insignia on your collar?

SS: This? It's a Hawkeye.

TR: You're from Iowa???

SS: Yes??

TR: I'm from Iowa.

SS: You're kidding.

TR: Waterloo.

SS: Cedar Rapids. I have relatives in Waterloo. Swanberg.

TR: Swanberg??? My best friend was Dave Swanberg.

SS: He's my cousin.

TR: Dave??

SS: My favorite cousin.

TR: Is your name Laura?

SS: Yes!!!

TR: He talked a lot about you. How you went off to New York and got into finance and went to work for a big bank----

SS: Yep. All true.

TR: What are you doing tonight?

SS: Tonight? Nothing.....why?

TR: I have tickets to a show. "American in Paris."

SS: Wow. I've been wanting to see that.

TR: I don't know what to say. This is so sudden. But it feels so right.

SS: It does, doesn't it.

TR: I'm in banking too. Bank of America. I'm a vice-president. But my life was empty until you walked in. Three minutes ago we didn't know each other and now----- kiss me.

SS: Mmmmmm. Your hands are so warm.

(CELLPHONE RING TWICE) It's him. Calling to apologize.

TR: Don't answer.

SS: I don't know----

TR: He's going to ask what happened and how can you explain that? We found each other. We lived fifty miles apart and we had to come to New York to find each other. Marry me, Laura.

SS: I'll think about it.

TR: You do that.

SS: Okay, I thought about it. Yes.