GK: .....brought to you by POEM, the profession of English majors. Whether you're teaching for a living, or building houses, or raising cattle ---- tell the truth ----- wouldn't you really rather be an author?


When you're an author, then you don't bother

To worry what people think

They may be clappin' or it may happen

Your book will make a stink.

But if you're writing the truth --- (and you will)

It may disgust them or give them a thrill

So go out there and be distinguished

That's why you majored in English.

When you're writing, it's so exciting

When you are lighting the page on fire.

It is outrageous how many pages

You write when you're inspired.

And when you're finished, you send it away

And it is published ---- a best-seller ---- HEY

And all the critics go crazy for you

That's what an English major can do

.....a message from the P.O.E.M. --- the Profession of English Majors.