GK: .....after this message from the MTA, the Metropolitan Transit Authority.

SS: A crowded subway car is no excuse for unwanted intimacy, so please ---- avoid physical contact. Respect other persons' right to not be touched. It's the most basic right there is. If there are no boundaries, there is no individual identity. And don't stare. Unwanted physical contact is a trigger that can set off psychological reactions that may require months of therapy. Months. (STING)


Please don't lean against me, Mister,

Move away

Though we're on a crowded train

It's not okay.

No, no, don't stand so close

Or I'll poke you in the nose

Well when you look at me

You make my heart feel sick

Look away or you will get

A good swift kick

No, no, please go away or I will scream. (BRIDGE)

GK: Subway courtesy. It's a must. A message from the MTA.