GK: .....after a message from Fritz Electronics.

FN: Good morning, Louise. Lovely to see you again.


FN: So-----? You in for a wash and a trim? What are we doing today?

SS: Whatever you think best---- I put myself in your hands.

FN: Okay. I think I'd pull this back---- and maybe shape the sides and lighten up those bangs. Okay?

SS: Fine. So did you have a nice Thanksgiving?

FN: Indeed. Went up to the country. You?

SS: Oh, Jerry wanted to spend it with his mother so that's what we did.


SS: Did you notice? I've got a new nose.

FN: Oh yeah. Looks nice.

SS: What do you think? Is it okay? Do you think its okay? It's the best they could do.

FN: Looks very nice.

SS: Tell me the truth. What do you think? Does it look funny?

FN: No, it looks very nice. Very nice.

SS: It feels a little swollen. They say it takes six months before it finds its shape, you know. Is it okay?

FN: It looks very natural.

SS: Natural?

FN: It really fits your face. It just brightens you up a bit.

SS: What does that mean?

FN: It goes really well with your eyes.

SS: Well, how did it look before? Did it look huge?

FN: It looks great now, that's the main thing, right?

SS: Does it look like I had a nose job?

FN: If you hadn't told me, it wouldn't have crossed my mind.

SS: So then I accomplished nothing----

FN: You have a very nice nose.

SS: You're not just saying that? (SNIPPING STOPS)

GK: If you have to deal with difficult people in your line of work, you really need to get a Tranquilator from Fritz Electronics. The Tranquilator fires a single sound wave that penetrates the brain and temporarily stifles it. Like this.

SS: I just want to know if it looks weird or something. I had it done a month ago and they say it takes six months for it to find its shape. So do you like it? Tell me the (SLAP).


GK: The tranquilator gives you ten to twelve minutes of silence. Sometimes that makes all the difference in the world. Sometimes you've heard all the talk you need for right now and what you need is (SLAP)--------