GK: If you're planning to attend a Broadway show, make sure the theater you attend is affiliated with ACE, the Alliance of Cloakroom Employees. Did you know that professional coatroom employees are required to have seamstress skills (SEWING MACHINE), to know mouth-to-mouth respiration (SFX) and get coffee stains off a linen jacket (SQUORT, VACUUM, HAIR DRYER) and how to operate defibrillator paddles (SFX)? A union coatroom attendant can also tie a bowtie (SFX) and get the cap off a medicine bottle (SFX). Did you know that at a union cloakroom you can leave small dogs (SFX), children (SFX), or elderly relatives (SFX)? Look for the ACE insignia on the theater door. It's your guarantee of good service.