TR (ANNC): WATERBURY....."Water" from the Old English waeder, Old Saxon water, from German wasser, Frisian wetir, also Russian voda. "Bury" meaning town or village, from German Burg meaning fortress, citadel, from Old High German berg meaning mountain. Old Norse borg. Gothic baurgs. Old Irish, brigh. Welsh bera. Sanskrit brmhati or bhrant. Old Persian bard. Greek Pergamos. Related to the Old English byrgan meaning to hide or shelter. From the Old Norse bjarga, Swedish berga. Old High German bergan.

SS: Oh shut up.

TR: "Waterbury" therefore meaning a town by the water. "Bury" related to the words borough, burial, bargain, and borrow. If we look closely at the Old Norse origins of the word.....

SS: I said, Shut up.

TR: I was only trying to.....

SS: Shut up.

TR: Sorry.