GK: ....brought to you by American Pharmaceutical. When you feel doubt, uncertainty, anxiety, maybe it's time you see your pharmacist. There may be a drug for that.


SS: Mr. President? Sir?

TR: Yo. --- How's it going, Chief of Staff? What can I do for you?

SS: Well, sir---- In the campaign we promised a big tax cut to stimulate growth and said that it would actually increase tax revenue but it hasn't worked out and so we're having to look at changing the retirement age for Social Security from 66 to 76 and instead of K-through-12, we may have to do 3-through-11.

TR: Uh huh.

SS: Which won't be popular. So what would you like us to do?

TR: I want you to increase tax revenue, thanks to those tax cuts.

SS: But how are we going to do that?

TR: You figure it out.

SS: You want us to borrow the money?

TR: No. ---- No, no ----- Tax cuts lead to greater tax revenues. So let's have greater tax revenues.


When you vote Republican

Makes no difference how or when

Anything you promise them

Will all come true.

Don't believe economists

All their little rules and lists

You just need to make a wish

That's what I do.

Try to be more positive, okay?

We cut taxes at the top,

That way we create more jobs,

And as unemployment drops,

Our land will grow.

Less is more and more is less,

That's the key to happiness.

Nod your head and just say yes

And make it so.


SS: Okay, but the deportation of 12 million people is costing more than we estimated. We doubled the defense budget. We're about ten trillion dollars in the hole and Congress doesn't like the idea of a twenty-foot wall on the border. They think a fifteen-foot wall is enough. And they don't like the constitutional amendment that Muslims can't hold public office.

TR: Hey---- where are my pills?

SS: Right there, sir.

TR: Bring me a glass of water, okay?

SS: Okay.

GK: When you encounter misunderstanding and it causes anxiety and doubt, remember: there may be medication for it. See your pharmacist.


If you cannot pass a bill

If deficits you cannot fill

All you do is take a pill

And then you will.

GK: A message from American Pharmaceutical.