GK: The Cleveland Institute of Music, one of America's great conservatories, dedicated to training talented young people and preparing them for lives of very uncertain employment, and here you are, carrying your instrument in a violin case, though it is actually a bagpipe. (SFX) You are the first bagpipe major at Cleveland Institute and probably the last.


Off to class you go and discover the music theory exam is not tomorrow, it is today! You sit down in the midst of forty people writing furiously in their exam booklets, and you try to remember ---- what are 2nd inversion triad? And how would you define Mixolydian mode? Other people are on page 4. You're on page 1. Take a wild guess.


You go back to your apartment and your roommates, the violist and the bassoonist, are still at orchestra, so you get your instrument out to practice. Next door a cellist is playing beautifully. Should you disturb her. Quietly you fill your bags with air and you squeeze. (SFX)


GK: There's party is next door and the door is open so you walk in. And there is the cellist. She has long auburn hair, just as a cellist should look. She begs you to protect her from that trombonist so you dance with her all evening and you think maybe this could go somewhere. The trombonist leaves. You stay.


Morning dawns, 7 a.m., you go to school and all the good practice rooms are taken, and you find a tiny room, like a prison cell with a piano, it's 100 degrees in there, and you're thinking maybe back to your first love, the krummhorn. Wouldn't that cellist like you more if you played krummhorn? And wear ankle bells? (SFX) Yes. Of course she would. How could she not?