SS: I thought I was too busy for a knee replacement but then I heard about robotic surgery.

TR: Yes, if you've been putting off surgery because you're "too busy" ---- maybe it's time for Doctor Bot, the robot health care provider that's available 24/7. (BOT SFX) You'll find Doctor Bots in hundreds of 24-hour service stations. Just step inside (SFX) and its delicate sensors take blood pressure, temperature, oxygen levels, and examines your ears, nose and throat (SFX), and your prostate (SFX), take 3D images of your brain (SFX), and if necessary administer local anesthesia (SFX) and perform minimally invasive surgical procedures.

CD: I had my gall bladder removed while my car was being repaired. And they just ran a little tube up my hmm-hmmm so---- no scars. A little anesthesia----- I just walked it off.

SS: I thought the appendectomy was going to take a couple days but they run a little tube up your hmm-hmmm and a couple hours later you're out of there.

GK: Doctor Bot is more than just a machine. It's a sensitive caring health care provider.

FN (BOT): Everything looks very very good. I have checked your colon and administered the enema and the problem should be resolved in ten to fifteen minutes.

SS: Honey, I can't go for a walk right now---- you go and I'll catch up later.

GK: Doctor Bot. Medical problems don't always come up during business hours. So---- look for Doctor Bot, in a 24-hour service station near you.


Step in the booth, put your credit card in

And off come those unsightly bumps on your skin.

At Doctor Bot for little expense:

Twenty-five dollars and ninety-nine cents.