You gotta look for the silver lining

Whene'er a cloud appears in the blue

Remember somewhere the sun is shining

And so the best thing to do is make it shine for you---

GK: They say it's supposed to be nice tomorrow.

TR: Yeah, might rain tonight but should clear up by morning, that's what I heard.

SS: Warm weather most of next week.

GK: They say we might get a storm on Thursday.

SS: That'll blow over.

TR: Oh yeah.

SS: That tornado we had in July ----

GK: That didn't amount to much.

SS: Blew my roof off but we needed a new one anyway.


Somewhere the sun is shining

And so the right thing to do is make it shine for you.

FN (DOG): Hi there. How you feeling?

GK: Oh, hi, Rex. Not so good.

FN (DOG): I know what ya mean---

GK: I feel like every day is the same--- day after day---

FN (DOG): Yeah--- same here --- same old dog food in the dish---but on the bright side, it could be worse.


Look for the silver lining, whene'er a cloud appears in the blue

Remember somewhere the sun is shining and so the right thing to do....

(SPEAKS) I moved to Minnesota when I married a Norwegian. I'm Italian. From Brooklyn. He married me because he loved my linguini, with mushrooms sauteed in olive oil --- and not just virgin oil, but guaranteed celibate, cloistered olive oil --- and fresh basil and garlic and ground pepper and fresh parmesan cheese --- not Kraft parmesan, the real parmigiano, and it was fantastic and if I had served it to Italians, they'd be ecstatic (TR ITALIAN ECSTASY) Bene, bene bene bene, molto bene, grazie. TWO BIG KISSES ON THE CHEEKS. Grazissima. Benissima. Kissima. TWO MORE KISSES) but you serve it to Minnesotans.....

TR: Hey. That's not bad linguini.

CD: I made it from scratch--- everything fresh......I grew the wheat to make the linguini......I had to clear the snow away to find the fresh basil.....I removed the glutens by hand, one by one.

TR: Yeah. Like I say, it's not bad.

CD: I've been here for twenty years and gradually I'm coming to get used to it and even like it. The way I look at it is----- no poisonous snakes, no earthquakes, my daily commute is not bad, the sports teams don't get your hopes way up high so you wind up bitterly disappointed when they lose, and here in Minnesota, if they shoot somebody, usually it's for a reason.


A heart filled with joy and gladness

Can always banish sadness and strife,

So always look for the silver lining

And try to find the sunny side of life.