GK: It's spring in New York and there's new construction. (AIR WRENCH, ENGINE OF CONSTRUCTION ELEVATOR, CONCRETE MIXER, WITH SHOUTS OF CREW) The sidewalk is blocked and you have to walk out into the street (HORN HONKS) and this tall beautiful woman walks by (HIGH HEELS ON CONCRETE) and all work stops (SILENCE) and she raises one finger (BRAKES) and a dozen taxis pull up. You turn and stare at her and you almost step on a pigeon (PIGEON FLURRY UP IN YOUR FACE) and it flies up into your face, and you walk on, past the guy playing drums on the overturned buckets (SFX) and the guy walking down the street singing along with his iPod (FN SINGS: VOLARE) and the lunch wagon where the guy is grilling shishkebobs (SIZZLE) and listening to Middle Eastern music (SFX) and people walk by who you'd only see in New York ---- a Hasidic dwarf speaking Yiddish into a cellphone (SFX) and down below the Broadway express pulls into the station (SFX) and a man washing a big plateglass window (SQUEEGEE) and a car goes by with (HIPHOP BASS) its speakers turned way up and a New York mother speaks to her child.

FN (MUTHA): You scream one mo' time, Imma slap yo' butt on this wonder bread and we'll be eatin' you fo' lunch all week!

GK: It's spring in New York.