GK: It's spring, time to get your bike tuned up, look at the chainwheel (BIKE WHEEL TURNS), and lubricate it (SFX SPRAY), and lube the brakes (SFX), and the front and rear derailleurs (SPRAY SPRAY), and pump up the tires (AIR HOSE, TWO BLASTS)- And now you're ready (BIKE BELL) Don't forget your helmet (CLICK). But where to? (BIKE RIDING) Central Park? (BIKES WHIZ PAST, RUNNERS, CROWD AMBIENCE). Too crowded. The West Side Highway? (SLOW BIKING, "Excuse me, pardon me") Too slow.

How about Vermont? (FN: Yes!) Vermont, why not? out into the country (COWS), up those big hills (FN EFFORT) and down the other side (SFX ACCEL, WHEE!)-life is short, why not? (FN SINGS: "Don't Stop Believin'", COW). In fact, while you're at it, why not head west to North Dakota? (WIND). It's flat out there and the wind blows hard, so what you do is buy a 30-foot aluminum mast and strap it to your back (SFX) and hoist sail (SFX) and when the wind catches it (ACCEL, CRIES OF EXCITEMENT) you take off at 70, 80, 90 miles an hour ---- (SFX) you're going to need a bigger bike horn (DIESEL TRUCK HORN) ---- and when you get up to 100 miles (TAKE-OFF) you're going to fly. It's quite a feeling. (WIND) Biking at 5000 feet. Canada geese flying past you (SFX). Eagles (SFX). The Eagles. Don Henley and the Eagles. On tour in their private jet. (JET PASSES) Beetles fly by. Bark beetles. A cloud of them. (SFX)

GK: Crickets. (SFX) Buddy Holly's old band. On tour in a propeller plane. (SFX) There are Ravens. (SFX) Orioles (SFX). Robins. (SFX) Swallows. (SFX) Flamingoes. (SFX) Penguins. (SFX) Not those Penguins. The Penguins who recorded "Earth Angel" ---- 1955 ----- they're on tour in a blimp.

PD & GK: (oh, oh, oh, oh, wah-ah-ah, oh, oh, oh, oh)


Earth angel, earth angel

Will you be mine?

My darling dear

Love you all the time

I'm just a fool

A fool in love with you.

GK: Spring. It's here. Get out there.