Little daughter

Darling daughter

Little girl with golden hair

As I sit in utter wonder

On a evening in summer

Listen to your papa's prayer.

Thank you for this lovely day

Breezes blew and sunshine shone

May I gently gently say,

Put those headphones far away,

Please stop texting on your phone.

If you'd listen to your father

There are things that I could say

Stories of the long ago

That Taylor Swift will never know

Of people with your DNA.

Long before you came among us,

There were giants in the land,

Sturdy women, gentle aunts,

Men in baggy denim pants,

Who used to take me by the hand.

Maybe we should take a ride

You the audience, me the host,

I'd drive slowly, your companion,

Cross the plains and through the canyons,

All the way out to the coast.

Talk about your great-grandfathers,

Scotland, Yorkshire, Nova Scotia

Wandering husbands and their wives

Off in search of better lives,

Farmers crossing the great ocean.

They were people of great faith,

Work and prayer is what they did.

Day by day, everyone

Did what needed to be done

And you and I should also, kid.

And now I see you've gone to sleep

On my shoulder, golden hair.

Tomorrow we shall talk again.

Sleep well, my dear. Amen.

That concludes your father's prayer.