O adolescence, I'm glad it's over

All the up and down emotions

I hardly ever roll my eyes now

So dumb, it was so dumb

OMG such misery

Seven long years of adolescence

It was hard, those giant mood swings

In love one day, and then psychotic

I loved headbanger rock

Now I sing in choir.

My mom and dad, they're lovely people

And I used to drive them crazy

I stayed out late with bad companions

Came home, at three a.m.

I could hear them praying.

I joined a choir, and that has helped me

Here in choir there's not much freedom

Except sometimes (WILD SOPRANO IMPROV)

Just take a nice deep breath

We are all here for you.

We're here for you, we're all around you,

We are caring and supportive.

Sopranos, altos, tenors, basses.

We're here, so don't freak out.

We are all together.