GK: ....brought to you by Fritz Electronics.


GK: It's the question that married men have come to dread.

SS: Notice anything different about me?



GK: There are so many possible answers and you want to get the right one.

SS: Notice anything?

GK: You don't want to say, "Your hair is different," if the correct answer is----

SS: I lost a hundred pounds, my head is shaved, and I have a tattoo of an eagle on my back.

GK: But now thanks to Fritz, the words "Notice anything" trigger the Difference App on your smartphone and it rings (CELLPHONE RING).

TR: Excuse me. Important call. (PICKUP) Hello?

GK: And the scanner on your smartphone scans your wife (RADAR) and compared her to the image stored in the hard drive and in just five seconds:

FN (ROBO): Eye shadow.

TR: I love that eye shadow.

SS: Oh really. And how about the shoes?

FN (ROBO): Point me down. Down. Down. (SONAR)

TR: Oh right. The shoes. What can I say? Wow.

FN (ROBO): Italian. Goatskin. Three hundred bucks.

TR: I'm glad you're not buying those cheap shoes anymore. They're fantastic.

SS: Who are you talking to on the phone, by the way?

GK: It's a question you weren't asked during the courtship period. Back then the questions were simple. "Is something wrong?" NO. "Do you want to come up for a minute?" YES. But now she's your wife and she wants to make sure you're paying attention.

SS: Notice anything different about me? (CELLPHONE RING)

TR: Just a moment. (PICK UP) Hello?


FN (ROBO): She is buck naked and holding a glass of Chardonnay.

GK: The Difference App. From Fritz Electronics. Everything you need is on the Fritz. (SCAN DIAL STATIC)