GK: And now here's a message from Fred Farrell Animal Calls. (MONKEY, JUNGLE BIRDS) When it comes to animal calls, there's just one name, and that's Fred Farrell.

TR: This is Fred Farrell with a message for those of you in management. If you have to deal regularly with incompetent idiots, as I do, you know that you can't waste time holding their hands and handing out Kleenex ---- you need to learn how to Snap, Snort, Snarl, Bark and Bellow. It works in the animal world and it works in the business world too. Snapping...(FN: Hey!)...snorting (FN: Hmmph!)....snarling (FN: I want that report on my desk today)....barking (FN: I mean it!)....bellowing (FN: DO YOU HEAR ME?). Many executives are unable to bellow. They just murmur. (SS: I wonder if it might be possible for you to at least try to make an effort ---- and I don't mean that in an unkind way) ----- They need a cassette of animal calls to illustrate the art of.....the snap (COUGAR SNAP), the snort (BUFFALO), the snarl (LION SNARL), the bark (DOG BARK), and the bellow (WALRUS).....so you can practice at home or in your car. We guarantee that in a week or less, you'll get the hang of it. (SS: You! Grow up! This is not Montessori. Do your job! Now! Or else!) Buy our

tape today and get, absolutely free, our eight-in-one animal

calls, including shorthorn (SFX), shark (SFX), shellfish (SFX),

shovelbill (SFX), Shropshire sheep (SFX), golden shepherd (SFX), shrew (SFX), shrike (SFX), shriek owl (SFX), shrimp (SFX), and Shetland (SFX).

GK: Fred Farrell, the name to trust when it comes to

animal calls. (MONKEY, JUNGLE BIRDS)