GK: ....after a word about Wyoming. (WIDE OPEN SPACES SFX, LONESOME HARMONICA)

TR (JOHN WAYNE): I used to live on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Took the subway to work on Wall Street. Had a weekend place up in the Berkshires. And then one day I tried to hail a cab to get to a Board of Directors meeting and the son of a gun drove right past me. Empty cab. Light was on. Didn't stop. I thought to myself, if I'd had a six-gun on my belt he would've stopped. And if I went to that meeting and I set my six-gun down on the table, that meeting wouldn't last so long. And that's when I moved out to Wyoming. A place where gun control means aiming very straight. (GUNSHOT, GLASS BREAKAGE)

FN (WESTERN): Out here in Wyoming, a man gets respect. And if you want to be alone, that's fine. We don't care. We won't even notice. I left New York on account of the signs down in the subway that said, No spitting. It just got my goat. Looked at that sign every day, morning and night, for fifteen years and finally I came out to Wyoming. (BIG HAWK, PAUSE, BIG SPIT, PAUSE, DISTANT DING)


Wyoming. Why don't we start roamin

Way out west beyond the Poconos.

Where a person must shoot straight

And feel free to expectorate.

Whoopi ti yi yo