GK: Grovers Corners, New Hampshire, a morning in April, and Joe Crowell the newsboy has come by with the morning paper and the milkman Howie Newsome has just left a quart of cream at the Webbs' (FN OFF: Morning, Miz Webb! Giddup.) (HORSE HOOVES, SLOW, OFF) and next door Dr. and Mrs. Gibbs are sitting down to breakfast.

SS: Good morning, dear. Coffee? (POURING)

TR: Oh I suppose.

SS: What's wrong, dear?

TR: Sick of this town, that's what.

SS: But this is Our Town.

TR: More your town than it is my town. Sick of having to say good morning to that milkman. Sick of that Stage Manager walking around, sticking his nose in other people's business. And I suppose I shouldn't say it but our neighbors, the Webbs, are getting on my nerves too.

SS: Well, our George seems to be pretty sweet on that Emily Webb. (OFF) George???? Time you should be heading off to school!!!!

TR: Maybe so but I wish he'd go off to college and find someone smarter.

SS: Emily is such a sweet girl. (OFF) Rebecca! Your breakfast is getting cold. Come down and let me braid your hair!!!

TR: I've been thinking about moving to New York. (PAUSE A BEAT)

SS: Well, you certainly did enjoy that trip we took to Saratoga and the mineral springs.

TR: I've been thinking about moving to New York City.


SS: Why Frank Gibbs. What in lands' sake has gotten into you?

TR: The world is changing, my dear. Down in New York City, they're doing knee replacements, hip replacements. Up here we just hobble around like always. They have something like the telephone but you can type on it, take photographs, write messages and send them without having to talk to people.

SS: Why, Mr. Gibbs, what are you saying?

TR: A device that will let you send pictures, send music, order things from stores, without ever leaving your home. You'll be able to read a newspaper on it, look things up, never set foot in a library.

GK: Grovers Corners, New Hampshire. It's a Saturday, April, and up at the train station Silas is waiting for the 8:04 from Putney, Vermont---- starting to look like rain off to the west.....

TR: Oh shut up.

GK: What?

TR: Just go away. Sick of you.

GK: I'm the Stage Manager.

TR: You're in my yard. Beat it.

SS: You have to excuse Dr. Gibbs, Stage Manager. He was up all night delivering twins up in Polish Town. (OFF) Rebecca!!! George!!! Come down here. Breakfast is getting cold!!!

FN (OFF): Coming, Ma!

GK: Well, I guess I'll be moseying along then.

TR: You go mosey, Mr. Nosey. Don't need you telling about every little thing that happens. I've got her instead.

CD (WARM, SOFT): How can I help?

TR: Tell me how to get to New York City, Siri.

CD (WARM, SOFT): The next train to the city will leave Grovers Corners at 9-oh-five. Would you like me to book you a seat?

TR: Yes!

CD (SIRI): Business class or economy?

TR: Business.

CD (SIRI): Would you like to sit next to an elderly Congregational minister or next to a young Mount Holyoke graduate who is going to New York to audition for a part in a Broadway musical?

TR: Whoa. Ho ho ho ho ho ho. Two guesses, Siri.

CD (SIRI): Okay.

SS: Frank Gibbs, I am astonished. How can you do this to me?

CD (SIRI): Would you like to attend any shows while you are in New York?

TR: I sure as shootin' would. What you got?

CD (SIRI): I'm going to transfer you to our Broadway ticket line. Hold for a moment.

SS: How long are you going to be gone, Frank?

TR: I donno. I just want to get out of this town.


Another opening, another show

At Town Hall it's A Prairie Home

Lots of tickets and the price is low,

We've got one in the very first row.

TR: No thanks, what else you got.



Let me entertain you

Let me show you class.

I'll tell some stories

From my inventory

I am Ira Glass

I'm very manly

So bring the whole family

Bring in the kids and wife

So let me entertain you

Cause this is American Life, yes sir

This is American Life.

TR: I'll have a ticket to that!!!

CD (SIRI): This American Life is sold out through the second week of November, sir.

TR: Fine! I'll go in November!!!


GK: Will Dr. Gibbs leave Grovers Corners for New York City? Or will he die of a perforated colon? Will Emily marry George? Will Simon the organist stop drinking and straighten himself out? Join us again soon for another episode of OUR TOWN.