GK: Barbarians: you think of squat hairy men who came with their clubs and destroyed Roman civilization. (FN & TR SAVAGERY, HARD BLOWS, BREAKAGE. SS: O sic transit Gloria! O tempora, o mores! CRUNCHING, GUTTURAL CRIES)) But the truth is that there was a lot of bad art in Rome. Rome was a lot like Las Vegas. People in the rest of Europe didn't mind all that much. Rome had built some terrific roads and introduced bookkeeping and organization charts but people got tired of that. Just as today, you find yourself in a meeting ---

FN: I think that strategic planning means modular leadership. It means case management that strategizes bandwidth in a client-centered mode (GK: And you think to yourself I wish somebody would stuff a rag in him.) to attitudinally reconceptualize our tradition of proactive sustainability. What do I mean by proactive sustainability? (GK: I wish some ignorant savage would come and bust this meeting up.) I mean reaching out, I mean creating a sea change, a transformation toward organic growth and empowerment----


GK: It would change the paradigm (SAVAGERY, BREAKAGE, GLASS BREAKAGE, CRUNCHING) and make an impact (TR YELL, BWANGGG), it would clear the air (BURST OF FLAME, TR YELL), it would refocus the meeting on finding a viable exit strategy (YELLING, RUNNING), and it would give your organization a chance to start over.


SS: It's all gone. The Adaptive Differentiated Project-Based Learning Center. That savage destroyed it.

FN: Ten years of work and it's all gone.

SS: Our A.D.P.B.L.C. Destroyed.

FN: We'll never be able to reconstruct it.

SS: No. Because ---- I can't remember what it was supposed to do. Do you?

FN: No. I never did.

SS: And you were the Executive Director.

FN: Yes.

SS: I guess we'll have to do something else.

FN: What do you say we build a house by the side of the road and be a friend to man?

SS: Let's. People will stop and we'll befriend them. Say nice things. Offer tips and suggestions.

FN: And a public toilet.

GK: For your next meeting, maybe it's time you call Rent A Hun .....we offer Visigoths (FN, TR BARBARIAN), Vandal (TR, FN BARBARIAN), Mongol Horde (TR, FN ASIAN VANDAL), Tartars (FN, TR BARBARIAN), and Viking (TR, FN). Rent A Hun----sometimes what's needed is Brute Force & Ignorance. (BIG GONG)