GK: ...After the show, it's Mel's Big Boy Buffet at the Mall ---- home of the All-U-Can-Eat Saturday Supper --- mashed potatoes (SQUISH), gravy (SQUISH), meat loaf (SPLAT), with ketchup (SQUISH), squash (SQUISH) and bread pudding (SQUISH). Gotcher self a real supper.)

Yes, at Mel's you'll find all the food you really love for the price of one appetizer at the restaurant you're probably going to wind up at because you're afraid to tell the people you're with right now that you don't like sushi, you'd rather go to Mel's. So---- ditch em. (FN: You wait here, I'll go get the car.) And if you don't care for the meat loaf, try the roast turkey and dressing. SPLAT, SQUISH) Thanks, Mel. (FN: No problem.)