GK: When the surgeon comes in to say hello before he opens up your skull to see what that big dark spot on the CAT-scan was, you don't want to see a guy with a toothpick in his mouth and a baseball cap on his head..

TR: Hey---- how's it goin'? My name's Bubba ---- put her there. (BUMP AND CRASH) Whoops. Didn't see that. Anyway -- just wanted to say howdy, Brian, and we're going to put you out in a moment, and then we'll ---- open her up---- you know ----- and see what we're dealing with here, okay?

GK: My name isn't Brian, it's Carson.

TR: Oh? Oh! Right. I was looking at the word "brain" ---- thought you were Brian. That old dyslexia kicking in. Anyhoo---- you take it easy (FADE, CLINK OF SURGICAL STUFF)

GK: He may be a nice guy, but suddenly you want to see his whole medical school record, not just the certificate. ---- Same when you board the plane and you're right behind the pilot and he bumps his head on the door----

FN: Ouch! Goldang it! Boy, that smarts! Whoa! Son of a gun! Hi--- -- how are we doing there? (SHAKES A LOCKED DOOR) Oh. That's the lavatory. Someone's in there. Cockpit's up there. Boy o boy. Rough night last night.

GK: You look at him and he doesn't have the tight crewcut you like to see on a pilot, he has long hair and it looks like he spends a lot of time fussing with it. You want an overachiever for a pilot, not a narcissist. Same when you turn on the TV and you hear your U.S. Senator talking about science -----

TR (DRAWL): There is no hard evidence that human activity contributes to climate change, or that carbon dioxide is involved ---- I mean, heck, trees give off carbon dioxide ---- no, sir, the simple truth is that a United Nations conspiracy is behind this, trying to regulate carbon emissions to cripple our country. That's what we're dealing with here.

GK: You don't want the U.S. Senate operating in a fantasy world, do you? No. You hear him speak and suddenly you reassess your feelings about elitism. Everybody's opposed to elitism, until suddenly you need someone smart ---- and when it really comes down to it ---- your life may depend on an arrogant jerk who knows what he's doing.

GK: .....a message in the public interest from the American Elitism Institute in Superior, Wisconsin.