GK: A very merry Christmas from POEM, the Professional Organization of English Majors.

We wish you a merry Christmas

And also Tiny Tim

And here's to Holden Caulfield

And also Huck and Jim,

May they make it down the river

And both find happy homes

And may Emily find a boyfriend

And not write heartbreaking poems.

If you stopped by woods on a snowy evening,

May you come in from the cold,

And may J. Alfred Prufrock

Dare to wear his trousers rolled.

May Allen Ginsberg's crazy friends

Whose minds have been destroyed

See the star and hear the angels

Singing, overjoyed.

And William Carlos Williams,

This is just to say:

The plums you found in the icebox

Are for you on Christmas Day.

Jack Kerouac out driving around

On the open road,

Slow down. It is slippery.

Last night, you know, it snowed.

And to every novelist

Who is soaked in grief and sin.

Merry Christmas, Oliver Twist.

Happy New Year Hester Prynn.

May your hearts be merry

From now til Christmas Day,

Nick Adams, Sister Carrie,

Jay Gatz, Nick Carraway,

And Huckleberry's Pa,

Some whiskey may you find,

Merry Christmas, Blanche DuBois,

May your strangers all be kind,

And maybe Captain Ahab

Can escape those cruel jaws

And I tell you, yes, Virginia,

Oh there is a Santa Claus.

May all your verbs and subjects pleasantly agree.

May you not say them when you mean He or She.

May you not say envy when you mean jealous

And may you have a story to tell us.

A story about something that is near and dear

And it will be a happy new year.