GK: I hang out with people under 40 because I love their way with slang and they let me hang out with them because I pick up the check. Duh. I'm 71 but 71 is the new 51. Or so they say. Which is epic. Just sayin. "Sketchy" ---- I like that word. That's sketchy. I like to hear girls say to another girl: Hey lady. And they say to us, Just man up. "Where you at?" It's all good and blah blah blah. Sweet. Which is like cool but not exactly. They're sweet kids. They're good to go. They like to keep things light. Dating is too serious, so they hang out. Their parents like to confide things ---- Too much information. T.M.I. Things get too heavy, they say Drama. They're an ironic bunch so if they mean something they toss in the word actually. Actually they do. Really. You try to b.s. them they say, Shut up. (No way.) Whatever. Take a chill pill. Get a life. I love that. We didn't have that, back in the day. We said, You're crazy. Don't be so dumb. Too flat. Get a life. I get a little tired of OMG and I don't like bucket list and bling is so over and hipster is a way for people with nothing going on to pretend they're somebody ----get over yourself---- if you're hip you don't need to say so ----- man cave---ehhhh. But Get a life. That is perfect.