A blind man walked into the clothing store and he started swinging his seeing eye dog at the end of the leash (SFX, WHIRRING, DOG LETTING OUT A YELP WITH EACH REVOLUTION) around and around and around up over his head----the clerk said, "Excuse me, can I help you, sir? The blind man said, I'm just looking around.

Three people were going to the guillotine, and the first was the lawyer, who was led to the platform and blindfolded and put his head on the block, and the executioner pulled the lanyard ---- and nothing happened. So, out of mercy, the authorities allowed him to go free.

The next man to the guillotine was a physician, and he lay his head on the block, and they pulled the lanyard, and ---- nothing. The blade didn't come down. So, to be fair, they let him go too.

The third man to the guillotine was an engineer, and they led him to the guillotine and he laid his head on the block and then he said, "Hey, wait. I think I see your problem."If you tighten this (RATCHET) --- and you adjust this (SCREW) ---- and you turn that---- (SFX) ---- see if that doesn't work---- (PULL SWITCH, BLADE FALLS, SLICES OFF HEAD, IT FALLS INTO BASKET, DRIPPING)