GK: .....brought to you by ElbowJell, the everyday household explosive. Nowadays every little box of raisins is designed to prevent terrorists from putting foreign substances in it. So you struggle to open it up (FN STRAINING) -----and you try hacking it with a knife (SFX)....and you set it in the driveway and run the car over it (SFX) ---- now a little ElbowJell can solve the problem (EXPLOSION)----- And PIN numbers. You've got them for every household appliance, for the lawn mower, for your bike ---- Get around PIN numbers with Elbow Jell (EXPLOSION) Have trouble opening up CDs? Getting the plastic off? (EXPLOSION) How about this vacuumpacked peanut butter jar? (EXPLOSION) Do you find that people aren't listening to you when you want to make a point?

FN: The answer is no. Absolutely not. (EXPLOSION)


When you need to make things happen.

You never can tell

When you'll need Elbow Jell.

GK: Elbow Jell. The everyday household explosive.