If ever you're stuck on a highway or train

For hours for reasons no one can explain:

Think back.

Did you laugh, did you boo, did you scoff?

What did you do to piss Chris Christie off?

When Mr. Christie gets pissed he

Puts your name on a list he

Curses and clenches his fist he

Breaks your kneecaps, your arm and your wrist he

Is no laidback humanist he

Is happy to reach out and bust us

And as for the goddess of justice

He wastes no time lovin' her

He is the governor.

When Governor Christie gets irked

Your shins get kicked, your chain is jerked

He doesn't accept your lack of support

He may be fat but he's short.

So whenever you go to New Jersey

Don't expect to be shown much mercy

And you may spend hours on the road

If you get Chris Christie p.o.ed