GK: Here's something you're going to want to get for yourself - --it's a cellphone PLUS a camera (SHUTTER) PLUS a satellite radio receiver ---- receiving music channels (HIPHOP RHYTHM), talk radio (BASQUE GIBBERISH), NASCAR racing (RACECARS PASS BY FAST), PGA golf (SWING, CLICK, OOOHHH), and NPR (THIS IS ANN TAYLOR), plus you can send and receive e-mail (YOU'VE GOT MAIL), send faxes (HUM OF FAX), and it slices bread (SLICER) and toasts it too (RATCHET TOAST DOWN), plus it's a back massager (HUM), and a Taser gun. (ZAP) and it translates simple English into dog language (WOOFS), duck language (QUACKS), plus dinosaur (SFX), diamondback (RATTLE), dove (SFX), and dolphin (SFX). And it will play you at chess (ROBOT: Checkmate), Scrabble (ROBOT: xygma, x-y-g-m-a, triple letter, triple word, 176 points), or ping-pong (SFX). Three-hundred thousand hours of entertainment every year. Plus camera (SHUTTER), Taser gun (ZAP), back massager (HUM), toaster (POP UP), and your choice of cellphone ringtones including opera (TENOR NOTE), dive plane (SFX), cougar (SFX), Model A (OOGA), caribou (SFX), and hyena (LAUGH). You will never need any other form of entertainment. It's all here in this small package. And it stores all of your writing, your correspondence, a lifetime of photographs, videos, up to 10,000 books, all here in this little box. It's T-Rex from Texas.



It connects

You to us and them and me