I was in San Francisco

Riding the Judah streetcar

Reading Dave Eggers

Eating a soy energy bar

I wore a 49ers cap

My shirt said U.C.

A woman leaned over

And she whispered to me-----

Are you from Minnesota?

What is it about me that says Midwest?

Do I have blond hair or a red plaid vest?

it's jazz that I am tuned in to

So leave me alone, I'm just as cool as you.

On the Embarcadero

Drinking espresso

Reading Jean-Paul Sartre

Do I get him? I guess so.

In my Spandex pants

About to go out biking

A woman leans over,

Says, "Too bad about your Vikings"----

I'm a former beatnik, bohemian and hippie

What is it about me that says upper Mississippi?

Is there cow manure on my loafers?

A sign on my back that says Golden Gophers?


I compost, ride a bike, I recycle bags,

Love the Grateful Dead, Joan Baez, Boz Scaggs.

I live on the corner of Hayes and Stanyan

Do I look like I listen to Prairie Home Companion?

Had a date with a girl

A Berkeley grad

Saw a Coen Brothers movie

Wasn't too bad

We talked about Dylan

We talked about Prince

And then she said, Hey

How about those Twins?

What is it about me that says where I was born?

Does my voice sound twangy---

Do I smell like corn?

Are my shoes out of fashion ----

Is my affect flat?

It's true I'm not from here

But how do you know that?

Was it something I said?

Was it something I wrote?

Is it that I like meatloaf?

Is it how I say "boat"?

And I let you go ahead of me

While waiting at a counter?

Is that's how you knew I am an out of towner.