It was in the Golden Gate meadow,

My love and I did meet.

She rode her bike from Nob Hill

Down California Street.

I imagined we might marry,

And live in Ashbury and Haight

But her name I could not remember,

Was it Hilary or Kate?

We walked through the Shakespeare Garden

And stopped at the hot dog stand

And she had one with mustard

And I held her snow-white hand

She said, When will I see you?

Tomorrow around four?

I said, yes but wondered,

Was she Sarah or Lenore?

Down by the Japanese tea house,

My love and I did part.

She got on her bike

And rode off and broke my heart.

I come to San Francisco, and always think of her

Megan, Kaitlin, Maia, Heather, Nora, Jennifer.