GK: We'll get back to the show in a moment.....first, we're on the phone now with Bridget Kelly, former deputy chief of staff to Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey, who was fired this week for closing three lanes of the GW bridge in retaliation against the Democratic mayor of Fort Lee---- Miss Kelly, are you there? (DISTANT BARKING, HOWLS) Miss Kelly? Hello?

SS: Hello? This is Bridget.

GK: Thanks for taking the call ---- so did the governor tell you to close those traffic lanes in Fort Lee, Miss Kelly?

SS: He did not and neither did I. I knew nothing about the lane closures whatsoever until Wednesday morning and then I told the governor.

GK: You did not do that, what the governor characterized as wrong and a stupid mistake----

SS: I knew nothing whatsoever about it. I was betrayed. I had asked my staff if they knew anything about it and they said no and now I find out that my assistant John Johnson wrote those emails ordering the lane closures and he never told me.

GK: John Johnson did that.

SS: And his assistant-Yogi Yorgenson. So this morning I fired both of them. (DISTANT BARKING)

GK: And what did he say?

SS: He said that he had trusted a secretary in his office, a woman by the name of Barbara Barberini.

GK: So she has been fired too?

SS: As soon as we find her, we will fire her too. And the intern, Todd Todman, who thought up this whole thing.

GK: So what are your feelings now, Miss Kelly?

SS: I feel very very sad. I trusted people and they betrayed me. Lied to my face. (DISTANT BARKING)

GK: Where are you, Miss Kelly? I hear dogs in the background.

SS: I'm in Alaska ---- Kotzebue, Alaska ---- and those are sled dogs.

GK: You're up there for a reason?

SS: I'm on the trail Todd Todman.

GK: The intern who thought of it. Okay, well, good luck.

SS: I understand that he may have crossed over the ice to Siberia so it may take me awhile to find him. Mush!!!


GK: There you have it, Bridget Kelly, former aide to Governor Christie with some new information on the Fort Lee story. And now back to our show in progress.