I celebrated New Year's Eve

With a nephew and a niece

We wished for justice and good work,

And even for world peace.

We stood around and drank white wine

And ate chocolate croissants

And talked about our family,

Their uncles and their aunts.

I thought of all the great high hopes

I had when I was young,

And so with youth on New Year's Eve

I like to be among.

And since I bought the lovely wine

I guessed I was the host,

So I stood and raised a glass

And made a simple toast.

May we still love our loved ones on good days and bad,

May our fights be no worse than the ones we have had.

May the house not burn down, at least not when we're here.

And I wish you a happy new year.

May we never awaken to loud growling sounds

May nothing fall on us weighing more than two pounds.

May it only cause bruises and nothing severe.

And I wish you a happy new year.

May the children cruise peacefully into their teens

And be somewhat normal, whatever that means,

And not text one day and say, I'm in Tangier.

And I wish you a happy new year.

May the work go well, may the well not run dry,

May the rains come down and the corn grow high.

May at least some of our dreams come true

And a happy new year I wish you.

If I have bad dreams and I wake up at two

Because something grabbed me, may it always be you.

And not something slimy and hairy and vicious

And I send you happy new year wishes.

May we keep all our marbles and keep up the pace

And face getting older with some sort of grace

And not get too scared when we look in a mirror

And I wish you a happy new year.

And I wish you a happy new year.