GK: ....brought to you by the Hipster Hamster Cafe where you can be around people like yourself except even more so.


TR: Hi.

SS: Hi.

TR: I just like noticed you sitting here and so I came over wondering what it would be like to stand next to you and now I know.

SS: Wow. I've got to think about that.

TR: And like I wish I'd met you before I decided that love is just a huge waste of time because whenever I've been in love it just feels like one more Thursday morning.

SS: I know. I mean, I want to know you totally, I really do, but probably I don't need you at all and probably I want you because I don't know you, which if I did, I wouldn't. You know?

TR: Exactly. It's like I still hate the person I used to be and I'm just realizing now that having feelings is not going to get me where I need to go, not because I don't care about you but because I don't want you to care, which I know for a fact you do. You know?

SS: I know. I have this sense that you are someone I could get to know as much as I possibly can in about 45 minutes or even less and there would be no place left to go, we'd just hit the wall.

TR: So true. But I know I'll always remember meeting you even though it was only for a minute in a cafe and I didn't even sit down, I just stood and talked, and in fact I'll remember you more than I'll remember other people I've known for months and months.

SS: It's so amazing meeting you and having this conversation. And to look around and realize that all these people sitting here in this cafe may be having the same experience we're having and the same feelings and we may never ever meet them again.

TR: Wow. So true. Like here they are and tomorrow, probably not.

SS: I have to stop now or else I'm going to start crying.

TR: Goodbye. Have a good life.

GK: The Hipster Hamster Cafe, where you can be with your own. And the coffee's okay too. (ESPRESSO)


When I'm having a really bad day

And I feel like I have lost my way

I head for the Hipster Hamster Cafe.