GK: A Prairie Home Companion air travel to New York, courtesy of Lutheran Air, the airline that insults you with a smile.

SS (MINNESOTA, ON MIC): Just a reminder, this is cold and flu season, and so if you could please refrain from putting your tickets in your mouth as you put your luggage in the overhead, we would appreciate that. And you folks in back who are putting your coats in the overhead, I guess someone's gotta go back to listening school, huh? Okay then. Could I have everyone's attention now while I demonstrate the oxygen mask? That includes you, sir. ----- Sir, your barn doors are open. ----- Let's all fasten our seatbelts now, okay? Some of you look like you need a seat belt extension. You, sir, just suck it up.

TR (ON P.A.): This is Gene, your pilot today. We're heading for New York and we're going through some heavy weather so if you think you might throw up, why not go in the biffy and take care of that right now, okay?

GK: Lutheran Air, it's not comfortable, but it's memorable.

SS: Buckle your dang belt. That means you.

GK: Yes, ma'am.

SS: Just because you're the announcer doesn't mean you don't listen, okay? You get me?

GK: I get you.


Lutheran Air

We get you there

Just do what we tell you to

And that means you