GK: .....after a word from Sheldon Shoulder-Mounted Automatic Hunting Rifles. You can't miss with a Sheldon because its 250-cartridge magazine and automatic rapid-fire mechanism enable you to get off twenty-five shots per second ----- watch as this pheasant flies up out of the brush----- (FAST WINGS, THEN BURST OF GUNFIRE) -----

TR (TWANG): Yessir, I used to hunt with a shotgun but then my glaucoma got bad and now I use my Sheldon Shoulder-Mounted Automatic. And I can easily locate the game with a metal detector. (BEEPS) There it is. Huh. Not as big as I thought it'd be. Oh well.

GK: The Sheldon Shoulder-Mounted Automatic Hunting Rifle now comes with flamethrower so you can kill the game and cook it with one pull of the trigger. (FAST WINGS, THEN BURST OF GUNFIRE, THEN FLAME) Also good for catching fish. (BLAST OF MACHINE GUNFIRE, SPLASH)

TR (TWANG): Got him. Fileted him too. Big one. Was a big one. Bout a quarter-pounder now. But we got him.

GK: The Sheldon Shoulder-Mounted Automatic Hunting Rifle. It's the gun to get if your aim isn't what it used to be.