GK: The asteroid DA14, about 160 feet in diameter passed the earth last week (SFX), and missed the moon and didn't hit any satellites but a few conversations got garbled (ALIEN SPEECH) and also some signals from the satellite that run GPS (COMPUTER BEEPING, SHORTS) as a result of which many people who were heading South have wound up north (FN GEORGIA: What in hail is going on here, Mama? This don't look like Tallahassee to me---- does it you? HOUND WOOF. Shuddup, Mooney.) ---- and some car alarms were activated (SFX) and some computer -run radio stations that play hip-hop (SFX) accidentally switched over to classical (CELLO BACH) and some ATM machines went crazy (FAST DISPENSING OF MONEY, WHOOP OF JOY) and gave out big jackpots and it was upsetting to chickens (SFX) and to the humpback whales migrating in the Pacific (SFX) who picked up public radio signals and (WHALES DOING ATC THEME) listened to All Things Considered and headed for shore and had to be driven out to sea by German dolphins (SFX).